Types of Websites: Validation vs. Lead Generation

What is the first thing you do when you hear about a new restaurant or business? (If your answer isn’t “run a Google search”, your pants may be on fire.)

types of websitesA friend recently recommended a great new Vietnamese restaurant in town, and I immediately looked it up online. Sadly, it doesn’t have a website or a Facebook page, and their lack of online presence immediately made it lose credibility in my eyes, and they’ve lost a potential customer.

Many businesses without an online presence lose out on potential customers and credibility. Facebook friends can’t share the link with each other or send calendar invites to make a lunch date. They are unsearchable for when the craving for Vietnamese food kicks in and won’t reap the benefits of rave reviews their current customers might leave. 

Creating an online presence is crucial for your business’s survival, but there are two types of websites: a validation website and a lead generation website. One is definitely better than the other.

Validation Websites

We can all agree that having a website is important in generating an online presence. That’s the first step, and it’s called validation. You are creating a sense of credibility for your company.

Welcome aboard the SS Validation, a small fishing vehicle for you to catch clients, and your website is the bait. With a validation website, you include your basic business information on the site and hope to get a bite. If you set up your SEO correctly and use helpful plug-ins, you may catch a couple of interested fish, but probably not many. If you hope to grow your business and catch clients on a larger scale (fish pun intended), then you are going to want a lead generation website.

Lead Generation

Sailing along with the fishing analogy, you have changed ships to the SS Lead Generation. In the clear blue water, you can see a lot of busy fish swimming to and fro, thinking furiously about their own businesses, distracted and preoccupied with their unique challenges. This time, you’ll use your lead generation website as bait, a page that talks about how you’ve solved similar problems for other fish. With information on how your company has the solution to their problems and some website must-haves for lead generation, you now have the fish’s attention. You have catered directly to their needs and will probably need a net to take in all the fish that are interested in coming aboard!

If you want to catch a lot of clients with your website, the SS Lead Generation is the best ship to take. We can help. Contact us today.

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