HubSpot vs. HighLevel: A CRM Comparison Showdown



As you dive into the world of CRM solutions, you'll encounter a multitude of choices. Among them, two major players, HubSpot and GoHighLevel, emerge with their strengths. Picture this head-to-head comparison of CRM tools as if you're ringside, witnessing a clash between heavyweights.

We are here to break down the details, explore features, and guide you through where each platform shines. Get ready for the CRM showdown between HubSpot and HighLevel.

The Essential Role of Your CRM

Before diving into the comparison between HubSpot and HighLevel, it's crucial to underscore the importance of CRM software in your business. A CRM system helps you navigate and utilize your customer data and interactions.

CRM, an acronym for Customer Relationship Management, is more than a mere tool that collects your contacts’ information. It serves as a comprehensive database housing critical information about your contacts and your interactions with them throughout their buyer and customer lifecycles.

In the modern business landscape, CRM software, such as HubSpot and HighLevel, transcends basic data management. These platforms integrate CRM with powerful marketing, sales, and customer service tools, offering a holistic approach to managing the entire customer journey.

A robust CRM, complemented by marketing and sales tools, empowers you to:

  • Build Stronger Customer Relationships: Gain insights into customer needs, preferences, and pain points to engage more effectively.
  • Boost Sales and Revenue: Streamline sales processes, track leads, and facilitate efficient deal closures.
  • Enhance Marketing Efforts: Craft targeted marketing campaigns, nurture leads, and measure campaign success.
  • Improve Customer Support: Provide exceptional customer service by leveraging customer data and feedback.
  • Gain Actionable Insights: Analyze data for making informed decisions, forecasting trends, and seizing opportunities.

Now, let's see how HubSpot and HighLevel stack up; which CRM will win in a head-to-head comparison.

Get To Know the Competition: HighLevel and HubSpot Backstories


GoHighLevel or just HighLevel's journey started in 2018 as a marketing agency, evolving organically into a business solution software. Its rapid expansion, especially among agencies, reflects its commitment to sharing experiences and expertise.

HighLevel is crafted for agencies, emphasizing its origin in the agency world. While versatile, it requires time and hands-on knowledge, making it a robust but nuanced tool. Its sweet spot is agencies, with applications in franchise environments.


HubSpot, born in 2006 as a robust CRM and early marketing automation platform, has transformed into a powerhouse in sales and marketing. Strategic acquisitions of software that allow data mapping, AI-driven tools, and more have enriched its features, making it a competitive force.

HubSpot caters to a broad audience. Its widespread adoption in computer software, marketing & advertising, and IT sectors showcases its versatility. From startups to larger enterprises, it offers scalability for business growth.

Understanding who these platforms cater to is pivotal for aligning your business needs with the right CRM solution.

Getting Started with HighLevel

HighLevel encompasses a wide range of features, and it is noted for its cost-effectiveness by agencies and larger businesses. Here's an overview of some of what the platform provides to its users:

Key Features and Benefits of GoHighLevel:

  • Cost-Effective Multichannel Communication: HighLevel adopts a cost-effective approach to communication, offering a range of channels like SMS, Messenger, phone, email, voicemail, and more.
  • Smart Campaign Management: HighLevel provides campaign management tools that include smart lists, call recording, detailed call information, and a power dialer.
  • Versatile Marketing Toolkit: HighLevel features marketing tools like webhooks, white labeling, live chat widgets, membership builders, conversion rate tracking, and basic forms and email builders.
  • Dynamic Campaign Creation: HighLevel supports various campaign types, from sales and marketing to follow-up and more. It empowers users to create diverse campaigns tailored to specific goals.
  • Integrated Website Builder: Beyond campaigns, HighLevel provides a platform for online presence with a simple website builder and pre-designed page templates.
  • Marketing and Sales Automation: Build sales funnels and pipelines and automate simple processes for your team.
  • Intelligent Analytics and Reporting: HighLevel's analytics and reporting tools offer industry data snapshots and dashboards.

Growing with HubSpot

HubSpot transcends the realm of a conventional CRM; it's a comprehensive platform seamlessly integrating marketing, sales, and customer service tools. This all-in-one approach empowers businesses to manage their entire customer journey from a centralized hub.

Key Features and Benefits of HubSpot:

  • Holistic Contact Management: HubSpot excels in contact management, ensuring that your database is organized and accessible for effective customer engagement.
  • Seamless Email Integration: HubSpot integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook, providing a unified email experience and empowering efficient communication.
  • Enhanced Marketing Automation & Personalization: Effortlessly create, automate, and analyze marketing campaigns with precision. HubSpot also harnesses advanced features that allow for automated personalized email and website content based on customer data.
  • Advanced Sales Pipeline Management: Robust and customizable tools for tracking leads, automating tasks, and facilitating efficient deal closures.
  • Customer Service Management: A robust solution for managing customer interactions and support tickets, seamlessly integrating with other HubSpot tools.
  • Intuitive Interface: A user-friendly interface ensures a smooth onboarding experience, complemented by online academy resources.
  • Scalability: Catering to businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises.
  • Open-Source Flexibility: HubSpot embraces open-source software and development, providing flexibility for customization and integration with your existing tech stack.

The Showdown: HubSpot & HighLevel Feature Comparisons

Let's start the showdown. Here is a quick feature comparison of HubSpot and HighLevel.

Marketing Automation:

  • HighLevel: While HighLevel is primarily CRM-focused, it does provide a drag-and-drop marketing automation builder with simple capabilities.
  • HubSpot: Offers robust marketing automation features for creating, automating, and analyzing campaigns with precision.

Sales Pipeline Management:

  • HighLevel: A comprehensive sales platform that allows you to build sales funnels and automate simple processes for your team. Often used by teams that don’t need additional prospecting tools
  • HubSpot: Employs powerful and customizable tools for both lead prospecting and sales pipeline management, catering to businesses of all sizes.


  • HighLevel: Puts a strong emphasis on CRM customization, though detailed information on broader customization is limited.
  • HubSpot: Empowers users with powerful customization options, providing an all-in-one solution for diverse business needs.

Who’s In Their Corner: HighLevel and HubSpot Integrations & Tool Support

HighLevel's Integration Landscape

HighLevel relies on a handful of native integrations but mainly leverages Zapier for extending integration capabilities. Embed codes offer additional flexibility for integrations.

HubSpot's Integration Landscape

HubSpot boasts a rich marketplace housing 1,000+ apps across categories. It offers native integration across Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Productivity, and Finance. Exploring the integration capabilities allows you to ensure seamless connectivity with your existing tools and processes.

HighLevel's Support Tools

HighLevel provides 24/7 support via various channels, including a support portal, community forums, Facebook community, ticket system, email, phone, and live chat.

HubSpot's Support Tools

HubSpot offers diverse support channels, including HubSpot Academy, Help Center, Email, Chat, Phone, Twitter, Online Meetings, and HUGs (HubSpot User Groups).

You also have access to an ecosystem of Certified HubSpot Partners that can help you implement, manage, and optimize your HubSpot platform.

Overview of HubSpot and HighLevel CRM Features




Made For

Small to enterprise businesses

Larger businesses or agency-structured businesses

Free Plan

✖ (Trial available)

Contact & Lead Management

Email Marketing

Sales Management

Marketing Automation

✔ (CRM-focused)

User Experience

Intuitive interface with built-in guides

Limited information; CRM focus


1000+ ready-to-use integrations in HubSpot App Marketplace; Open API for new integrations

Integration possibilities with embed codes and third-party integrations. Heavy reliance on Zapier.

Customer Support

Email, phone, live online chat, HubSpot Community, HubSpot Academy, and the online KnowledgeBase

Phone, email, live chat, Help Center


The platform offers a wealth of dynamic guides and interactive demos, making it easy for users to get acquainted with its features. Should you require extra assistance, working with a HubSpot Partner agency is an option, ensuring expert guidance throughout your onboarding journey.

There is limited information provided on platform onboarding programs: self-navigation might be required.


HubSpot splits its various services into what it calls “hubs,” each of which is aimed at a different aspect of the part of the buyer’s journey.

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub: Starts at $20 per month
  • HubSpot Sales Hub: Starts at $20 per month for two paid users.
  • HubSpot Service Hub: Starts from $18 per user, per month
  • HubSpot CRM Suite: Starts at $30 per month. This is actually a package of hubs; it includes the Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and Sales Hub.

These Hubs, as well as the CRM Suite, are available in three different tiers: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. Each tier adds additional features and comes in at a higher price point. While there are CRM suite packages, you can also create your own bundle by mixing and matching the hubs and tiers that your team needs.

CRM Suite Bundle Tiers:

  • Free CRM: $0 per month
  • Starter Package: $50 per month
  • Professional Suite: $1,781 per month
  • Enterprise Suite: $5,000 per month

See HubSpot’s Pricing and Plans

You can start with a 14-day free trial. Otherwise, HighLevel provides two plans to choose from:

  • Agency Starter Account: Starts at $97 per month
  • Agency Unlimited Account:  Starts at $297 per month

See HighLevel’s Pricing and Plans

The Verdict: Choosing Your CRM

The optimal CRM solution hinges on your specific business needs. Here's a quick summary to guide your decision:

Choose HighLevel If:

  • You need a CRM-focused solution with a significant emphasis on customization.
  • Prefer a platform that is geared toward agency-centric operations.
  • Looking for a CRM solution with cost-effective pricing options.

Choose HubSpot If:

  • You seek an all-in-one platform for marketing, sales, and customer service.
  • Prioritize marketing automation, lead nurturing, and prospecting.
  • Your business is in the growth phase, and scalability is essential.

What CRM Do We Suggest?

While both platforms offer robust features, We believe HubSpot's extensive toolset stands out, encompassing a broad spectrum from marketing to sales and beyond.

In this grand faceoff of HubSpot vs. HighLevel, it's essential to recognize that the decision hinges on your business's unique needs and ambitions. HubSpot, with its broad appeal and diverse toolset, might be your go-to for an all-inclusive solution. On the flip side, HighLevel, designed with agencies in mind, could be the specialized partner your agency-centric operations crave.

The final verdict? Your business is the protagonist, and the CRM you choose is its loyal sidekick. Here's to unlocking the full potential of your business with the perfect CRM companion!

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